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Triathlon – best triathlon books

Triathlon is one of the most interesting athletic sports that include swimming, running as well as biking.
If you are a triathlete or aspire to be one, then there are some great books on Triathlon that can help you to get motivated. These books not only provide some motivational stories to inspire you, but it will also provide you with some training tips and plans. Using Harvard Generator, you can enter the details of any book and generate it for references.

Here are some of the top books on triathlon that you will love to read:

Book #1: A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey

This book is about a world champion, Chrissie Wellington, who shocked the world of triathlon in 2007 by winning the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. A Life Without Limits is a story of this athlete who rise to the top. The journey is quite interesting and you will love to read it.

The journey, starting from her childhood in England to the mountains of Nepal and then to the oceans of New Zealand and to the trails of Argentina, is worth the read. It will help you to get some amazing tips from Chrissie. It is also a motivational and inspiring story that will help you to know a lot about triathlon too.

Book #2: You Are An Ironman

This is one of the best triathlon books by Jacques Steinberg. It is an interesting book that focuses on an amateur athlete who aims for a long distance run. Steinberg created an amazing character in this book who is obsessed to reach a life-defining goal.

This story is about a triathlete who completed a 2.4 mile open water swim along with 24 mile marathon run and 112 mile bike ride in just 17 hours. This book is also a highly motivational one for the ones who aim to be a triathlon. If you need a push for achieving your goal, then this is the one for you.

Book #3: Strength Training for Triathletes

This is another amazing book by Patrick Hagerman Ed.D which provides you with complete details about the strength training for Triathletes. It features the tip 75 most effective exercises that can improve your strength and stamina. These exercises are important to improve your running, swimming and cycling.

It provides some of the core strength improving exercises. Also, this book comes with complete illustration about how to perform the exercise without any problem. It comes with easy-to-follow guidelines on the resistance training and the reps that are perfect to make any triathlete stronger and better.

Book #4: The Well-Built Triathlete

If you are looking for a book on triathlon that will help you to improve your performance, then this is the best book. Matt Dixon, through this book, helps you to turn the potential in you into actual performance. You will get many books on training and workouts that are ideal for triathlete. But this book is different.

This book by Dixon focuses on the overall comprehensive approach to become a successful triathlete, rather than just exercises. It helps you to learn how you can convert the potential into a perfect performance. This book helps you to know about the abilities that can improve your performances and turn better with every passing day.