Author: Eileen Cox

Triathlon – best triathlon books

Triathlon is one of the most interesting athletic sports that include swimming, running as well as biking.
If you are a triathlete or aspire to be one, then there are some great books on Triathlon that can help you to get motivated. These books not only provide some motivational stories to inspire you, but it will also provide you with some training tips and plans. Using Harvard Generator, you can enter the details of any book and generate it for references.

Here are some of the top books on triathlon that you will love to read:

Book #1: A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey

This book is about a world champion, Chrissie Wellington, who shocked the world of triathlon in 2007 by winning the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. A Life Without Limits is a story of this athlete who rise to the top. The journey is quite interesting and you will love to read it.

The journey, starting from her childhood in England to the mountains of Nepal and then to the oceans of New Zealand and to the trails of Argentina, is worth the read. It will help you to get some amazing tips from Chrissie. It is also a motivational and inspiring story that will help you to know a lot about triathlon too.

Book #2: You Are An Ironman

This is one of the best triathlon books by Jacques Steinberg. It is an interesting book that focuses on an amateur athlete who aims for a long distance run. Steinberg created an amazing character in this book who is obsessed to reach a life-defining goal.

This story is about a triathlete who completed a 2.4 mile open water swim along with 24 mile marathon run and 112 mile bike ride in just 17 hours. This book is also a highly motivational one for the ones who aim to be a triathlon. If you need a push for achieving your goal, then this is the one for you.

Book #3: Strength Training for Triathletes

This is another amazing book by Patrick Hagerman Ed.D which provides you with complete details about the strength training for Triathletes. It features the tip 75 most effective exercises that can improve your strength and stamina. These exercises are important to improve your running, swimming and cycling.

It provides some of the core strength improving exercises. Also, this book comes with complete illustration about how to perform the exercise without any problem. It comes with easy-to-follow guidelines on the resistance training and the reps that are perfect to make any triathlete stronger and better.

Book #4: The Well-Built Triathlete

If you are looking for a book on triathlon that will help you to improve your performance, then this is the best book. Matt Dixon, through this book, helps you to turn the potential in you into actual performance. You will get many books on training and workouts that are ideal for triathlete. But this book is different.

This book by Dixon focuses on the overall comprehensive approach to become a successful triathlete, rather than just exercises. It helps you to learn how you can convert the potential into a perfect performance. This book helps you to know about the abilities that can improve your performances and turn better with every passing day.

How To Train If You Are Going To Be An Ironman

Have you ever thought to be like Ironman? You may have tried a few days or weeks but were unable to complete because your working schedule was packed. If you want to do the complete training, you will have to give a lot of time like 12 to 20 hours per week for swimming, biking and for racing.

When to start?
Workout in the daytime, especially in the early morning is most effective. So you should wake up early to start the training. Wake up in a bright summer morning and the fresh air will make up your mind. In morning you will feel light and workout will be easier.

Besides, you will not want to let all the neighbours or outsiders know that what you are up to, right? In the early morning, it will be easy for you to bike in a brisk pace as the traffic stays clear that time. After the continuous sweaty and exhausting training, you will be able to take some rest and then go for your work and you will not feel the tiredness and the training in the morning will keep you very active for the day.

The workout plan
You have to know how to swim of course but have to swim continuously for at least an hour and it should be four to three times a week. You have to swim 100 yards in two minutes to cover 2.5-mile swim in the time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. You should be able to bike for an hour or half an hour.

In the training, you could ride between 14 to 15mph for 110 miles and time duration should be one hour five minutes. Normally you can do a long run in the range of 1:10 to 1:25. You have to cope up with the athletic pace of 9 to 10 minutes a mile. Till now you are having a training around 9 to 10 hours per week without much problem.

Things to remember
One thing always keeps in mind that, if you start to cut the hours, then you will be taking more time with this tough plan. After the workout of a week, you will have to take rest for one day that will help to keep you healthy. Weekends will be special for the workout and the total time will be of 13 weeks.

If you have trouble to do the long training on weekends then simply shift some hours to the weekdays. In the four weeks try to eventually increase the time of each workout. Swim for at least 1000 to 1500 yards in a weekend.

Some diets
This will depend on the intensity of the training, body compositions and the rate of sweating. You need to take 80 to 90 gm of protein daily. 200 to 250 gm carbohydrates should be taken as it is the main source of your energy. Good fat should be of 50 gm and try to have it from dry fruits and nuts.

A few tips
Try to keep up with your exercise in the winter too. Don’t fall behind and start after a long time as it will be of no effect. Try to find someone from your family or friends, who is also willing to do the same thing as you.

The company during the workout will keep you going. Try to be practical and write down all the points and make the routine for your training. It takes time to see a result so eat a lot and keep going.


Top 5 Secrets of the Ironman Bike

If you plan to learn and practice with a bike, there’s a lot to do. The key is the training routine you adopt. It will set the pace and augur well for your passion too. Given below is the secrets that you should follow and make the best practice.

1. Quality Bike Run: When it comes to bike run, it’s similar to swimming and running in technique. So much so that it will enable you to determine a good bike run from the bad one. Like for instance, the difference between good swim and bad swim is about 2 to 4 minutes of a drill. The difference of a good run and bad run is measured in hours. However, for the bike other aspect to it the difference between an easy and hard bike is 10 to 15 minutes.

The chances of you slowing down will likely happen in last 6 to 8 miles of the run. So, your aim for whole day should be creating conditions. The conditions that will make you successful in final 6 to 8 miles of the run. The Ironman Bike is just the right choice for you for the run.

2. Always ride the bike the way you should, not the bike you could: Your bike split should be according to you not what your friends suggested. This means the bike split should push you forward for a better run, not hold you. It’s just 15 minutes total for the bike run. Your ‘Should’ and ‘Could’ mean another 15 minutes added to set up the run with the sexy split.

Suppose you got slow in your run, you still can add 26 miles to fix the mistake. In contrast, the ride cannot go too fast. Otherwise, you will have to run the drag of 26 miles for the right bike split and run.

3. Flat out the Course: Your biking strategy will become meaningful only when there is a steady effort across different terrain. This means that you can never go for excessive downhills nor excessive uphills at any time.

With Ironman Bike, follow the given bike run:
1. When across the crest of the hill, and into downhill, just remain on the gas. You have to maintain this steady effort only. Otherwise, you will exert unnecessarily on the effort to climb back. Keep a speed of 33 to 36 mph that should work for you.
2. The foot on the gas pedal needs to be locked in a similar position. This means the position for false flats, flats and the slight downhill.
3. On the hill, you will give more gas.

4. Be Unique and follow different trend unlike others: Your proper bike execution should not follow the example of others. Rather, you have to practice the opposite of what others are doing.

a. Simply ride easily for the first hour.
b. Focus on the effort you are making it and manage it well on the hill.

So, your bike run with the bike will become perfect for you. The bike run of 112 miles is adequate for you to showcase different aerodynamics as well.